President's Message

Samyang Kasei, the leader in the PCR industry,endeavors to enhance its corporate value.

Samyang founded in 1989, is the company to product the polycarbonate first, and has a capacity of producing with a 120,000 tons, scale annually, and has been trying to enhance the company’s value through the price and quality comparativeness.

Samyang will lead the changes to be a victor by providing the product and service differentiated from the competitive company, and also construct the passion for the best, the cultivation of the capable person with executive abilities, and the renovated organization culture, and it will also establish the world-Top-level competitiveness by doing our best in the environment and security field

I thank all customers for visiting our homepage, and promise that Samyang will always make an effort to realize their dreams.

Samyang Kasei President Kim Jongpil