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Samyang Group Held a Memorial Ceremony Marking the 10th Anniversary of the Passing of the Late Honorary Chairman Namryeong Kim Sang-hong facebook twitter Print
Hits 4299 Date 2020.10.15

- Held with family members on October 8 at his tomb, Yeoju which was pushed back from May due to COVID-19
- The late Honorary Chairman entered the company in 1947 and expanded business with sugar and chemical fiber into industrials, food, and chemicals
- Advanced into biopharmaceuticals, and prepared the future growth of the Samyang Group by establishing Samyang Central Research Center 

▲ Kim Yoon, Chairman of Samyang Group is addressing about his father at the 10th Anniversary of the Passing of the Late Honorary Chairman Namryeong Kim Sang-hong


Samyang Group (Chairman Kim Yoon) held a memorial ceremony marking the 10th anniversary of the passing of the late Honorary Chairman Kim Sang-hong at his tomb, Yeoju, on October 8. His passing was in May, but the ceremony was pushed back due to the increased spread of COVID-19. The ceremony was held without crowds but mainly with family members in compliance with social distancing level 2.


The memorial ceremony started with a moment of silence, followed by his summarized life, a commemorative video, commemorative remarks, flower laying and incense lighting by participants, and final comments from family members. 


In addition to the memorial ceremony, Samyang Group is holding a commemorative photography exhibition under the theme of Namryeong, Tree With Deep Roots until October 14 at the Headquarters in Jongno and Samyang Discovery Center located in Pangyo, Seongnam. The exhibition will move on to Samyang Central Research Center located in Daejeon from October 15 and then Ulsan Plant 1 of Samyang Corporation until October 23.


Samyang Group Chairman Kim Yoon said, “Marking the 10th anniversary of his passing, I look back on my father’s life and feel pride and responsibility. A true way of honoring him is to continue to pass down his will.”


The late Honorary Chairman Kim Sang-hong was the third son of the Samyang Group’s founder Sudang Kim Yeon-sul. He entered the company in 1947 and led the company until May 2010 when he passed away at the age of 87. Honorary Chairman Kim was respected by the business community and society as he followed the previous generation’s teachings of moderation, stayed away from greed and extremes, and always kept his character and attitude humble and straight.


Honorary Chairman Kim contributed to solving hunger problems and economic development in the 1950s and 1960s by doing business in sugar and polyester fiber. He expanded his business into food and chemical materials including starch sugar, chemical fiber material TPA, and engineering plastic polycarbonate, and made Samyang what it is today. During his chairmanship, he advanced into the biopharmaceutical business and expanded the previous Samyang Comprehensive Research Center in a 19,000-pyeong area (about 62,820 m2) as wide as 9 soccer fields and established Samyang Central Research Center to prepare the future growth engine.


Honorary Chairman Kim also contributed to the business community by serving the chairman of the Korea Sugar Association, the vice chairman of the Korea Enterprises Federation, and the vice chairman of the Federation of Korean Industries. After he stepped down, he served as the chairman of the Yangyoung Foundation, Sudang Foundation, and Haseo Academic Foundation and committed to nurturing talented people and advancing academic achievements. The Korean government and society honored his contributions with the Gold Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit, the Korean CEO Award, and the New Ilhan Award.


Honorary Chairman Kim was survived by 2 sons and 2 daughters including the first son Chairman Kim Yoon at the Samyang Group and the second son Vice Chairman Kim Ryang at Samyang Corporation. The Samyang Group, which celebrated its 96th anniversary on October 1, is preparing a new 100 years by continuing the previous management’s business philosophy, setting the vision ‘Ingredients that add value to life,’ and focusing on food and chemical specialty materials, packaging, and biopharmaceuticals.


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