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Samyang Group’s Yangyoung Foundation and Sudang Foundation Provide Scholarships for 2021 facebook twitter Print
Hits 3299 Date 2021.03.03

- Provided a total of KRW 833 million to 88 undergraduate and graduate students recommended by universities
- Continued financial assistance and research grants to 23,000 students and 760 professors since 1939

▲  The Yangyoung Foundation and Sudang Foundation in the Samyang Group provided KRW 833 million to 88 undergraduate and graduate students on Feb. 19.


Samyang Group’s Yangyoung Foundation and Sudang Foundation announced on Feb. 22 that they provided scholarships to 88 undergraduate and graduate students for 2021 on February 19.


This year, the Yangyoung Foundation provided scholarships to 77 undergraduate and graduate students and the Sudang Foundation to 11 undergraduate students. KRW 833 million was provided to 88 students in total. The students who received scholarships were recommended by their universities they showed great academic achievements and set an example for others despite their difficult situations. Due to COVID-19, Yangyoung and Sundang Foundation did not hold a scholarship ceremony at the headquarters of Samyang Group like they did in the past.


Undergraduate and graduate students can receive scholarships up to 4 semesters and starting this year, learning support grants are additionally provided on top of tuition fees to help students solely focus on their studies. 


Based on its philosophy of corporate social responsibility “provide an opportunity to make a dream come true”, the Samyang Group is providing scholarship and support programs in basic sciences and humanities through the Yangyoung Foundation and the Sudang Foundation. The two Foundations have funded scholarships and grants for 23,000 students, 760 professors, and other research groups. In particular, the Yangyoung Association, a predecessor to the Yangyoung Foundation is recognized for Korea’s first corporate social responsibility activities.


The Samyang Group’s Yangyoung Foundation, the origin of a private scholarship foundation, was established in 1939 by the late Chairman Sudang Kim Yeon-su, the founder of the Samyang Corporation. The Sudang Foundation was established in 1968 by Chairman Kim and his children to expand scholarship programs, and it provides the Sudang Awards, which consists of KRW 200 million and a plaque to 2 selected professors in the areas of basic science, applied science, and humanities.

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