The PC product that Samyang Kasei produces and releases to Samyang Corporation
PC products are produced by Samyangkasei and shipped to Mitsubishi Chemical (sale : Mitsubishi Engineering Plastics)
PC products are produced by Samyangkasei and shipped to Mitsubishi Gas Chemical (sale : Mitsubishi Engineering Plastics)

Product Introduction

  • The Granular Polycarbonate Resin Manufactured By the Dryer
  • Use to Package the PJ Goods or Process Pelletizing

There are the linear PC and the branched PC according to the base granule structure. The linear PC is re-classified according to the viscosity molecular weight.

Base Granule of construction plan
Category Viscosity Molecular Weight
Linear PC 3LV 16000 ~ 18000
LLV 17500 ~ 19500
LV 20000 ~ 22000
MV 22000 ~ 29000
HV 29000 ~ 31000
Branched PC 24000 ~ 25000
  • The Product to Pelletize By Adding the Additives and Colorants To the Base Granule
  • Additives : UV Stabilizer, Thermal Stabilizer, etc.

Grade Discriminance

IR Grade
  • Grade Added To the Colorant and Hetero-Material
  • U Grade Utilized for Food container
U Grade
  • Grade Additioned to UV Stabilizer
  • L1 Grade Used for the Cover of
    Electronic Lamps and Sheet
A Grade
  • Grade Pelletizing the Base Granule
  • I Grade for the Use of Compounding
B Grade
  • A Grade Used oft the Bottle
L1 Grade
  • A Grade Used for the H/Lamp and Lens
I Grade
  • Grade Added to Only the Colorant


IR Grade

Injection molding for general purpose uses Good releasing
Office equipments, Food container, etc.
  • 3017IR - High flow
  • 3022IR - Low viscosity
  • 3022IR (02) - Blue tinted color
  • 3022IR (HD) / 3025IR (03) - Water White color

U Grade

Specially suitable for weathering resistance.
(UV stabilized type)
  • 3025U (H), 3027U (H)
    • - Extrusion Grade
    • - Solid Sheet
  • 3027U (H2)
    • - Shipping to Arabian Gulf
    • - Sheet
  • 3027U (M1), 3027U (M3)
    • - Multiwall or Corrugated Sheet
  • 3022U / 3020U / 3025U / 3027U / 3030U
    • - General U-Grade
    • - Lamp cover, Outdoor infrastructure, etc.

L1 Grade

Specially suitable for H/L lens and goggles
  • 3022L1 (I), 3022L1 (I2), 3022L1(I3)
    • - Shipping to IHL Corporation, Hyundai Mobis
  • 3022L1 (SL)
    • - Shipping to SL Group(SL Lightec, SL Lighting, SL Corporation)
  • 3025L1 (02)
    • - Shipping to Korea OGK
    • - Swimming goggles and Sports goggles.
    • - Lamp cover, Outdoor infrastructure, etc.
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