Business Policies


Environment Safety Policy

Environment Policy and Goal

The goal of environment is to preserve the clean and beautiful nature environment and enhance the human life healthily and plentifully by improving the element affecting the environment continuously. It is to create a brighter future by establishing and practicing the goal and detailed goal according to the following environment policy.
  • We faithfully keep the laws related to the national environment, other requirements associated with the company and environment regulations made by the company.
  • We concentrate on the prevention of pollution by improving the clean technology and process constantly.
  • We try to preserve the natural resources and reduce the producing waste and increase recycling.
  • We do our best to prevent the environment accident in order to minimize the potential environment consequence such as the leakage and fire in process.
  • We decrease the environment pollution by managing the environment noxiousness materials and equipment thoroughly.
  • We let all employees and cooperative company understand the importance of environment accident prevention and environment protection by educating and training them.

Safety Policy and Goal

The company, which is based on the consciousness of the environment safety unity to respect the nature and human, considers the healthy management as the highest priority of the
importance problem in the aspect of environment and safety. It thinks of the basic management ideology as not doing the product production and transaction Activity if it is not safe.
  • We have a confidence to prevent all accidents and practice all the work safely.
  • Management staff is responsible for employees's safety, All employees is imposed the duty for keeping the safety regulation.
  • All the on-the-spot dangerous factor must rapidly be eliminated and be checked by the safety inspection.
  • All the staff and employees should make an very effort to accomplish the non-disaster.

Environment Management Activities

  1. 1. Air Management : 1st Type Blue Business Unit
  2. 2. Water Management : 1st Type Blue Business Unit
  3. 3. Waste Management
  4. 4. Poisonous Material Management

Safety Management Activities

  1. 1. Industrial Safety Management
  2. 2. Process Safety Management
  3. 3. High-Pressure Gas Safety Management
  4. 4. Energy Management
  5. 5. Dangerous Articles and Fire Prevention Management